High School Credit Recovery
High School Credit Recovery

Educators nationwide are concerned about stemming the tide of high school dropouts. Dropping out of high school has a very steep economic impact on individuals and on the economy as a whole. Whether itís for reasons of economic competitiveness or simply as a moral imperative, giving students alternative paths to graduation is a top priority for many school leaders.  Fortunately, technology and the internet can help improve the grades and test scores of many students.  The high school credit recovery program gives students the opportunity to make up credits through online high school courses.

Online high schools are now able to help students make up course credits by offers students the opportunity to retake classes through online courses.  These online courses enable students who are at risk of dropping out or who have already left the traditional school system to recover credits and earn their diplomas.  These online high school credit recovery classes will also offer students the opportunity to learn and fully understand the subject material with one-on-one instructor support.
The use of sophisticated data-tracking systems can help schools target intervention for those students who are most in need of assistance before itís too late. In addition, technology allows for differentiated instruction that can better engage students in school by tailoring educational programs to meet their unique interests.  Instructors have unlimited amounts of data to review to make sure their students fully grasp their learning material.

Enrolling your child in a high school credit recovery course is a great decision.  It gives your child an opportunity to actually understand the material through many forms of teaching.  The Credit Recovery program begins with a diagnostic placement through standardized and core course assessments. Teachers and academic coaches work with each student to develop an Academic Improvement Plan and frequently monitor student performance and pace, while providing interim assessments.  The overall goal is to have your child understand the material through technology and non-traditional teaching methods, which will allow them to pass the subject course. 
Similar to online higher education courses, high school credit recovery programs allow students to work at their own pace and complete assignments from any computer with Internet access. This type of environment can potentially help those students who struggle in a traditional classroom setting.

Susan Patrick, president of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning estimates that more than 250,000 students are taking online courses to recover lost credits. Online learning in grades K-12 is available to students in 46 states.  If you are interested in a high school credit recovery course then there are many great online programs that make sure you get the credits needed to graduate on time.  

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